Bee present: Bumble launches in-person cafe for New York City daters

If you build it, they will date. Bumble, the dating app where women make the first move, is going brick-and-mortar. Later this month, Bumble Brew cafe will open in New York’s Nolita district after more than two years of licensing and pandemic delays. Initially, Bumble envisioned its users meeting cute in real time and possibly sharing meals (but not really sharing, according to chief of staff Caroline Ellis Roche, who said “no spaghetti, nothing that would be awkward on a first date”). But fast forward to now, and there’s been a change of heart and concept. Apparently, Bumble thinks we now want to share because some 90 percent of its members are ready to mingle after lockdown loneliness. According to Bloomberg, Bumble Brew aims to create a “safe space” where New Yorkers can meet in a controlled yet pleasant environment; potentially have a summer of love; and enjoy premium coffee and breakfast dishes such as ricotta with plums and, yes, bee pollen. All this in a very, very bright yellow setting (all the better to see you). We’ll see if this idea cross-pollinates, though Bumble isn’t announcing expansion ambitions just yet. 

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