A San Francisco restaurant closed for several days to give its staff a mental health break

Restaurants are making adjustments as they struggle with a labor shortage and employees find themselves overworked. Menus have been pared back, wages have been (finally) raised, and workers are even being shuttled across town to work the line at different restaurants. More recently, restaurant management is increasingly considering employees’ mental well-being. In an interview with the The San Francisco Chronicle, owner Paul Einbund of the popular spot Morris said that in addition to better pay, he closed the restaurant for four days so his employees could “recharge their batteries.” He also shortened his restaurant’s operation from six to five days a week, got rid of to-go orders to help the staff (currently down to only one cook in the kitchen), and emphasized that giving his employees time off is crucial. “I want to make sure that they’re making money and able to pay their bills and feed themselves, but I also need to make sure that we’re not burning out,” Einbund said. 

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