Years in the making, a New York statewide ban on styrofoam is enacted

As the Omicron surge reduces dining rooms’ capacity, many restaurants are again turning to takeout as a way to keep their businesses afloat. In New York state, though, no one will be getting their food packed in the environmentally unfriendly old styrofoam container starting January 1The Post-Journal reports. New York’s ban has been in the works since a 2019 proposal, just a touch later than California, which began banning styrofoam containers over 30 years ago. Styrofoam, aka polystyrene foam, once considered a technological breakthrough, is notorious for being non-compostable and made up of “forever chemicals.” Luckily consumers have other safe, compostable options for takeout containers…oh wait, we’re hearing some bad news there. Alex Hinton