Tyson Foods will use an algorithm to track Covid-19 cases

Since the spring, Tyson Foods has clocked more than 11,000 cases of Covid-19 among employees, according to the Food and Environment Reporting Network’s tracking project. As cases tick upward again nationwide, the company has spent heavily on infection-tracking algorithms and employee testing, The Wall Street Journal reports. The new algorithm cross-references positive employee tests with the location of their work stations and reported infection rates in adjacent communities. Despite the company’s claims that the “food supply chain is breaking” back in April, Tyson Foods announced $692 million in quarterly income in a report released Monday, up from $369 million a year ago, even after it purchased the algorithm and spent money on other safety features. Really seems like the food supply chain didn’t break after all—and perhaps Tyson could’ve afforded to protect employees from the virus earlier in the game. Paying out long-promised sick leave might be a good start. 

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