Now you can have your Trump and eat him, too

Trump gummy candy

Trump gummy candy

Make America gummy again. Back in November, when no matter what publication you worked for you found yourself having to ponder the possibility that you’d be penning Hill-and-Don-themed listicles forever, a micro-wave of political food art gobbled up our social channels: Trump-as-Cheeto. Clinton composed of mushroom. It was edible levity during a particularly unappetizing time. And it was so delicious.

But six months post election, presidential provisions are maybe turning into an actual thing. In June, industry trade publication FruitNet wrote about China-based Fruit Mould, which makes a plastic mold that growers can position over fruit and vegetable stems so that produce will develop into the shape of President Trump’s head. The ‘Trumpkin’ morphs into a troublingly contorted squash that nobody would want to encounter in a pumpkin patch. New grocery aisle: “novelty fresh produce?” Could happen.

“How in on the joke are they?”

And now, Atlantic City, New Jersey-based specialty candy retailer It’Sugar (self-described “pioneer of giant” and creator of more than one of the world’s largest boxes of candy) is marketing “Make America Sweet Again”—orange-flavored (and colored), 3-D printed gummies in the shape of our leader’s face. Ordinarily, we shun product launch profiles at New Food Economy. But irreverence feels as important these days as air and water, and we fully support ordering a side of comic confection along with your context once in awhile.

The first question my fellow editor asked when I said, “we’re absolutely, 100 percent covering this,” was, “How in on the joke are they?” Well, a whole bunch. The packaging (bags come in sets of three) features a cartoon Donald in his familiar pointing pose, captioned: “EAT ME!” And in equally bold type is the product’s origin: “MADE IN CHINA,” (they actually are). On the bottom, just next to the product weight, is a last dig: “May leave a bad taste in your mouth.”

If being able to have your Trump and eat him, too doesn’t pique the interest of your palate, just think about the possibilities for partisan innovation in the political foods space. Putin-free pancakes! Rexberries! Hillarystix (what would those even be?). I mean, Mnuchin just sounds like the name of a granola bar.

Picture being hit in the head with a 60-pound bag of gummy presidents at the border wall. Talk about food’s potential to change the world, people. In the inspiring words of It’Sugar’s product description: “These are gonna be yuuuge!”

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