A Trader Joe’s crew member said he was fired after requesting more stringent Covid-19 protections

A former Trader Joe’s employee told Business Insider he was fired by the company after requesting better Covid-19 protections. Ben Bonnema, who previously worked at New York City’s Upper West Side location, tweeted Friday that he was fired upon sending a letter to Dan Bane, CEO of the grocery chain. In his letter, which he shared on Twitter, Bonnema requested upgrades to the store’s HVAC system, more rigid customer mask requirements, and a three-strike policy for patrons who fail to follow Covid-19 precautions. In his termination letter, Trader Joe’s responded that Bonnema’s suggestions were not in line with the company’s core values. However, a spokesperson for the grocery chain told Insider that it fired Bonnema not because of the concerns he raised but “the disrespect he showed toward our customers.” 

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