Taco Bell is testing out a monthly taco subscription program on customers in Arizona

A lot of people love Taco Bell (no judgment here). But what about those who are only casual fans of the chalupa supreme? In an attempt to convert occasional customers into taco diehards (and boost enrollment for its loyalty program), the fast-food chain is testing out an app-based subscription service, dubbed the “Taco Lover’s Pass,” at a handful of locations in Tucson, Arizona, CNN reports. As if there aren’t better tacos in Tucson … but we digress. For $5 to $10 per month, you too can live más with a free daily taco for 30 days, be it a soft or, yes, a Doritos Locos taco. The new program follows a slew of similar subscriptions, including Panera Bread’s free-coffee-a-day, which reached nearly 500,000 subscriptions last October. 

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