During Ramadan, everyone wants dates

Ramadan in 2020 was a largely subdued affair, with rolling lockdowns and mosque closures getting in the way of large celebratory gatherings. This year, Covid-19 is obviously still looming large, but The Los Angeles Times has a peek at some creeping joy among Southern California’s Muslim population, specifically surrounding dates (the edible kind). The Prophet Muhammad, who is said to have broken his fast with three dates, has long been tied to the fruit’s consumption during Ramadan’s days of fasting and feasting. The Times’ story is essentially a sweet ode to dates, featuring interviews with SoCal date farmers and shop owners about how they ramp up production and cater to Muslim clientele during this time. There’s also lots of flavor discussion and comparison of varieties—“deep black Safawi dates, crunchy Deglet Noor, soft creamy honey dates”—as well as the chance for some cheeky puns: “On Twitter, some joke that it’s the only month of the year where they have a date every night.”

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