Poultry exec facing 10 years in prison asks to go on international hunting trip, promises to return

Last month, a federal grand jury indicted executives of multiple poultry companies on charges to fix chicken prices. Now, one of those defendants—president of Claxton Poultry Mikell Fries—is asking permission to … go on a quick hunting trip in Tanzania. Fries booked the three-week, $37,000 safari trip before his indictment, but applied for his travel visa afterward, Food Safety News reports. While his lawyers argue that his significant business and family ties to the U.S. all but guarantee his return, the Department of Justice argues that the risk of Fries fleeing is too great. ”Extradition from Tanzania is an extremely difficult, resource-intensive, and time-consuming undertaking,” the agency’s attorneys argued. Kilimanjaro will have to wait.

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