Hair salon turns away customers who work at local poultry processing plant

Last weekend, North Carolina gave hair salons the green light to re-open, bringing grooming relief to thousands of residents who’ve had to resort to DIY hair cuts during the pandemic (corona-cuts, if you will). But there’s a catch: One salon in Wilkesboro is turning away any clients who work at the nearby Tyson poultry processing facility, which has been linked to over 500 cases of Covid-19. “They’re getting our food, but they won’t service us,” one woman who works at the facility complained to Huffington Post. The anger is understandable, but maybe the larger issue is that it’s still not safe in some regions to re-open all businesses. After all, hair salons are vulnerable to spreading Covid-19: In Missouri, two stylists potentially exposed 140 people to the virus after reopening.

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