An NYC couple opened a working farm upstate—neither had any experience farming

A New York City couple purchased a 16-acre plot of land with a dream to open a communal working farm. One caveat: Neither of them had any experience farming. Claire Ko, 38, the chief people officer at a cheese company, and Eugene Kwak, 40, an architect and assistant professor at Farmingdale State College, suddenly decided they were curious about where their food came from after years of shopping at the Union Square Greenmarket. The two figured, hey, why not buy some cheap land, fix it up for several hundred thousand dollars, and help an “enterprising farmer” while they’re at it. Their dream turned into a reality—nearly $805,000 later. Mr. Kwak and Ms. Ko live in a 3,000-square-foot two-family house with British natives Melissa Phillips and Jack Whettam, who helped them start Hidden Acre Farm, The New York Times reports.

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