Thinly sliced: Keurig-smashing, “Drops of Jupiter” wine, and more

This is the web version of a list we publish twice-weekly in our newsletter. It comprises the most note-worthy food stories of the moment, selected by our editors. Get it first here.

1. After irate Hannity viewers started smashing their Keurigs, Twitter noted: By going back to Mr. Coffee, Roy Moore’s defenders have become unwitting environmentalists.

2. The internet of vegetables is coming, Bloomberg reports. Thanks to some clever ex-bankers, you’ll soon know in seconds where your tomatoes came from.

3. The state of Arkansas voted to ban a controversial herbicide, dicamba, from the coming year’s growing season, according to AP. That’s despite much bellyaching (and lawyering) from Monsanto, the agribusiness company selling a new “low-volatility” dicamba product that seems to be wreaking havoc in the fields.

4. The coffee industry condemned its biggest trade group for doubling down on hosting tournaments in the United Arab Emirates, citing the country’s mistreatment of the LGBTQ community. Grubstreet has the story.

5. Nestlé’s jumped on the corporate bandwagon, pledging to sell only cage-free eggs by 2025, Reuters reports. (Then again, these commitments often go unfulfilled. And cage-free eggs aren’t all that great anyway.)

6. Amazon accounts for 18 percent of all online food and beverage sales, according to a new report covered by FoodDive. Meanwhile, says The Intercept, the federal government may use a little-noted section of the National Defense Authorization Act to award the company a whopping $53-billion office supplies contract. That’s a lot of staples.

7. A Redditor noticed something strange in Los Angeles over the weekend: A phone pole advertisement offering up a Soylent-loving mutt. “This dog is a freak who only eats SOYLENT,” wrote the ad’s author. “Hate this freak dog.” Reddit’s still trying to figure out if it’s the work of honest-to-goodness crazy people or some next-level guerrilla marketing. (Soylent HQ is in Los Angeles.)

8. Following in the footsteps of countless bored rich people, the lead singer of shlock rock band Train has released his own private wine label. Its name? “Drops of Jupiter,” of course. Prepare the spittoon.

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