A letter from our editor

Suddenly, everything has changed. Editor Kate Cox weighs in on how The Counter’s newsroom is adapting.

Dear Reader,

As the coronavirus crisis evolves in real time—and along with it, the shape of our daily lives—The Counter is doubling down on its commitment to relevant, sane, original reporting on the forces shaping how and what America eats. 

Here’s what that means right now: 1) Fact-based journalism that answers the urgent, food-related questions all Americans have, from access to safety protocols to support for the suddenly unemployed, 2) Deeper context and analysis on the way this pandemic is already reshaping our national conversation about inequality, cultural identity, entrepreneurship, systems, behavior, appetite, and the abiding, existential relationship we all have with food.

We will continue to responsibly report on the news of the immediate moment, and in the coming weeks and months, will also expand our coverage to include first-person and personal accounts of the American eating experience as it unfolds through fear, isolation, loss, fortitude, and renewal. May we all gather for a meal again—sooner than later—at a new, much improved global table.

In the meantime, stay in touch,

Kate Cox

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Kate Cox is The Counter's editor. She oversees partnerships and edits investigative, feature, and senior staff reporting. Prior to joining The Counter in 2015, Kate was a freelance reporter for radio and text, focused on health policy and the American age boom. She has written for The Guardian, The Nation, Huffington Post, and others. She holds a master's degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, where she produced and reported a three-part radio documentary on the nation's first emergency shelter for victims of elder abuse.