Kids are documenting truly gross school lunches. Will it make a difference?

Kids have been complaining about gross school lunches for decades, but thanks to smartphones, they now have a way to prove that there really is something rotten in Denmark. Or in Paterson, New Jersey. School board members in Paterson are calling for changes to the district’s school lunch program this week, after photos of a truly inedible meal went viral on social media, reports the Paterson Press. The photos show what is supposed to be a cheesesteak sandwich, but is an unidentifiable—and truly unappetizing—brown block on a piece of bread covered in something that could be a fast-food egg patty but is, apparently, a cheese squiggle? The photo gained traction after a teacher and community organizer shared the photo on Twitter, pointing out that students at the school deserve better. Last year, students in South Carolina got an apology from their school district after posting photos online of cold waffles and celery sticks dished up for their lunch. Meanwhile, more than 1,100 people have signed a petition in Woodbridge, New Jersey, after reports from students that moldy food was being served at their school, reports News 12 New Jersey.