HBO Max to produce a comedy based on Bon Appétit’s implosion

They say that comedy is tragedy plus time, and the recent Bon Appétit implosion certainly has one of those elements. We surely aren’t the only ones to tilt our heads quizzically at the news that HBO Max has announced a new comedy series based on the well-documented, pervasive systemic racism at the legacy food mag. Comedy? If you say so. To its credit, the show has taken on Ryan Walker-Hartshorn, assistant to disgraced editor Adam Rapoport, as a consultant. Walker-Hartshorn has been one of the boldest voices alerting the world of Bon App’s internal ugliness, and Eater sees her involvement as a strong sign of the show’s potential for “incisive satire.” So we’ll see how it goes! And, as a Counter editor noted this morning, this is certainly a watershed moment for what can feel like the niche world of food media.

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