Gas stoves have long been a status symbol for home chefs. How do induction stoves stack up?

For many home cooks, gas ranges have long been a status symbol of sorts. Unlike electric stoves, which heat food through metal coils, gas stoves give users the visceral satisfaction of cooking over a live flame, not to mention a greater degree of precision. But they also come at a steep environmental cost, emitting methane, a potent greenhouse gas, as well as pollutants linked to respiratory and cardiovascular problems. In recent years, a third type of stove has emerged as a potential game changer: The induction stove, which uses electromagnets to directly heat your cookware. How does the appliance measure up against gas? For The New York Times, Melissa Clark conducted a two-week test of the technology, forgoing gas for portable induction burners. The verdict: They heat up fast, clean up easily, and allow users to precisely set the temperature of each burner. —Jessica Fu