Toilet paper is back, but it might be scratchier than you remembered

There’s less variety in grocery stores than there used to be, even as supply chains continue to recover from the initial shock of Covid-19. Reduced-fat Jif peanut butter and low-salt Lay’s barbecue potato chips have disappeared from shelves as manufacturers focus on efficiency, The New York Times reports. Demand for certain products has plummeted (think gum, a “social courtesy”) while others are flying off the shelves (chocolate, duh). Lysol continues to evade stockists, and Gristedes owner John Catsimatidis mused that much of it was ending up on the black market. As for toilet paper, if it feels a little sand-paperier than usual, it’s not just you—grocers are purchasing the rougher stuff, typically manufactured for commercial customers, to pad out the four-ply supplies.

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