New device allows employers to monitor worker hand-washing frequency

The company PathSpot just introduced an interactive scanner so employers can monitor whether their employees are washing their hands. It’s being sold as a way to maximize food safety in the age of Covid-19, but it’s also raising privacy concerns (as with so much new tech!) The device not only tracks wash frequency, but also detects “host vectors” on people where E. coli and fecal matter can be hiding, before instructing employees to rewash and rescan. Though there hasn’t yet been a reported case of Covid-19 transmission from kitchen to client, minimizing risks is encouraged. According to PathSpot’s CEO, Christine Schindler, this dystopian little gadget can be morale-boosting, with raffles or prizes awarded for cleanliness. “We want to say ‘this location hit their thousandth hand wash,’ or ‘this person is so on top of their handwashing, they’re the hand washer of the week,’” she told Fast Company.

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