Bars and restaurants are about to see a hiring boom in the next few months.

The pandemic’s not over yet, but the U.S. economy might see a hiring boom in the next few months. Almost 300,000 bar and restaurant jobs were added across the nation in February, according to Bloomberg. Forecasters predict that vaccine rollout and Americans’ growing savings will encourage more spending in these sectors. Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., which has hired about 19,000 staff and managers during the past couple months, has deployed more “Help Wanted” signs. Despite the anticipated hiring spree, the economy is still down 9.5 million jobs from pre-pandemic levels and some jobs may never return. Employers are worried about hiring as they compete with government unemployment programs; however, several studies suggested Congress’ weekly benefits didn’t discourage people from job hunting. The obstacles keeping workers unemployed should ease as the economy reopens and fears of catching Covid lessen.