Airlines welcome back in-flight meals to attract high-flying spenders

To deter the spread of Covid-19, airlines cut much of their food and drink service in the last year to limit interacting with passengers. Food originally made for flights found new life as microwaveable meals that could be purchased online by would-be travelers dreaming of the day vacation meant globetrotting again. But according to The Los Angeles Times, in-flight meals like “miso-marinated cod with sesame garlic farro” and “lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry thyme syrup” are back, with airlines saying they are essential to attracting first- and business-class fliers. Appetizers, entrees, and desserts are offered all at once to limit the handling of trays and dinnerware, and passengers are handed full bottles of drinks to eliminate pouring time. Some flight attendants say they prefer getting rid of food and drinks on short flights altogether. “No one ever starved on a three-hour flight,” one commented.

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