Blame it on the alcohol: Airlines propose booze ban on planes to curb violence by unruly passengers

When airlines limited drinking options to water last year, the move was to discourage passengers from removing their masks and limit their interaction with crew members. Now, the Washington Post reports, airlines are extending the alcohol ban in an effort to fend off unruly passengers. The Federal Aviation Administration says that there have been roughly 2,500 reports of unruly behavior by passengers since the beginning of this year—1,900 of which were related to violating the federal mask mandate. Last week, a flight attendant on a Southwest Airlines flight lost two teeth after a passenger allegedly punched her in the face and repeatedly ignored standard inflight instructions. A spokesperson for the flight attendant union said the federal government should provide guidance to airlines about pausing alcohol sales since booze is often a contributor to violence. The only punching that should be happening on airplanes should be done by Harrison Ford taking out the villains during an inflight movie.

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