Goya board of directors censure Trump-supporting CEO

On Inauguration Day, Goya’s CEO Robert Unanue said that President Joe Biden’s win was “unverified” and spoke of a coming war when he appeared on Fox Business. Last Friday, Goya’s board made the decision to no longer allow Unanue to speak to the media without their permission first, NBC News reports. Last year, Goya Foods faced scrutiny after the company’s CEO threw his support behind former president Donald Trump. Latino leaders including Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Lin-Manuel Miranda took to social media for a boycott of Goya products. This wasn’t the first time the company was caught in political turmoil, according to NPR’s Latino USA. In 1998, Latino immigrants who worked at Goya’s factory in Miami faced an ugly dispute when they tried to unionize. And in 2017, another boycott put Goya in the spotlight after Puerto Ricans decided to call out the company when they removed financial support of the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

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