Activists raised $1.3 million for Black Lives Matter through a bake sale

The bake sale has always been a powerful tool for grassroots activism. Georgia Gilmore, a Black cook from Alabama used her cooking skills to raise money during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Now, three pastry chefs launched Bakers Against Racism, an international bake sale which took place from June 15-20, in which proceeds went directly to organizations in support of Black lives. The organizing bakers saw how the Black Lives Matter movement needed constant funding to post bail, send money to families, and maintain long-term organizing efforts. For those deprived of more formal political sway, home-baked goods have long been a useful tactic, which is why women were the first to host them, according to TASTE Magazine. As of June 22, they collectively raised $1.3 million, with donations continuing to roll in. 

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