Avocado shortage looms as U.S. halts imports from Mexican region that produces 80% of our supply

Hope you enjoyed that Super Bowl guacamole because avocados may get even more expensive soon; as of Sunday, they were already twice as pricey as they were a year ago. That’s because the United States effectively suspended imports from Michoacán, a major growing region in Mexico, after an inspector there reported receiving a threatening voicemail on his work cell phone. According to The Washington Post, Michoacán grows eight out of 10 avocados sold on this side of the border, and even more in the winter months when domestic production falls. It may be a few weeks before U.S. consumers start to see the effects of the halt, but if the pause persists, experts predict a severe shortage. Mexico’s president seems to think there’s something fishy about the whole story, pointing the finger at other countries that want access to the lucrative U.S. market. Avocado arbitrage, anyone? —H. Claire Brown