Amy’s Kitchen under fire for alleged unsafe working conditions

A worker at Amy’s Kitchen, a popular food company specializing in vegetarian products, recently filed a formal complaint with the California ​​Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal OSHA), alleging unsafe work conditions at the company’s flagship Santa Rosa plant, NBC News reports. The complaint described a work environment where staff were denied clean drinking water, restroom breaks, and accommodations to prevent injuries; it also said that the facility’s emergency exits were frequently blocked off and that the company failed to provide proper training for challenging tasks. These aren’t the first complaints we’ve heard around working conditions at Amy’s: Another report published in January detailed allegations from multiple former and current staff that the company had placed undue pressure on workers to assemble products at a higher speed to meet demand—without regard for worker wellbeing or safety. For its part, Amy’s Kitchen has denied the charges and said that it promptly addresses worker issues when raised. —Jessica Fu