Thinly sliced: Impossible Whoppers are on their way to a Burger King near you

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Drop the bass. Ever notice that Chilean sea bass quietly vanished from restaurant menus in the early aughts? In a story for Taste magazine, Tove Danovich looks into the circumstances that led up to the once-beloved fish’s disappearance, from its initial capture, through its rebrand and overnight fame, to its ultimate downfall. Ultimately, it seems, eaters may have loved the fish a little too much for their own good.

Grubhubba hubba. Are you ready for a brand-new Grubhub, without any of the shady, exploitative practices of the past? Well slow your roll, these things don’t happen overnight. That said, Crain’s Business reports on a Grubhub overhaul, namely that the food delivery app will “extend the time it gives restaurant owners to dispute phone-order fees and will launch a website to help restaurants take control of webpages previously created by Grubhub.” The company said these changes are coming in response to misleading reports in the media, which we know absolutely nothing about.

Oat meals. The great oat milk shortage of 2018 was likely the last, according to Bloomberg, which reports that the Swedish Oatly manufacturer has set up shop in New Jersey (shortages stemmed from importation issues). It’s now offering an “ice cr… nondairy frozen dessert” in New York City bodegas and Wegmans stores. No word yet on when New Yorkers will see a (welcome) shortage of Oatly’s obnoxious bus advertisements.

Spit take. You hate to see it. A new survey showed that 28 percent of food delivery workers admitted they’ve taken a nibble of your food before delivering it. We do not support this practice, but delivery is a pretty tough way to make a living. What else is there to say, really?

Impossible made possible. Impossible Whoppers are coming to every Burger King in America next week, CNN reports. The burgers will cost $5.59 and will be available at all 7,000 Burger King outlets starting August 8. No word yet on whether it’ll be a permanent menu item—it’s being marketed as a special promotion for now. CNBC reports the company is launching a “taste test” promotion where DoorDash users can order Whoppers made with both Impossible patties and real meat, then sample them side by side.

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