Instagram Live Q&A with Gavin Kaysen: Marking one year since The Shutdown Notebook

The Shutdown Notebook cover

Photo by Libby Anderson/Flickr/Nicolas Raymond/Graphic by Talia Moore

Join chef Gavin Kaysen and The Counter’s West Coast editor, Karen Stabiner, for an Instagram Live Q&A session—and ask questions ahead of time below.

Minneapolis chef Gavin Kaysen shut down his businesses last March, like every other restaurant owner. He talked about the roller coaster for four months with The Counter’s West Coast editor, Karen Stabiner, in the weekly feature, The Shutdown Notebook: the sleepless nights; the crying jag when he had to lay off staff; the bakery that closed permanently, only to be reborn in a new format, in a new location. 

Social media graphic to promote Instagram Live event with Gavin Kaysen of The Shutdown Notebook. March 2021

The Counter

He is back in the kitchen at half-occupancy for his two full-service restaurants, Spoon and Stable, and Demi, while the bakery offers breakfast, lunch and take-out. Spoon and Stable has added take-out as well, to compensate for lost sit-down revenues. Things will never be quite the same, but Kaysen has some ideas about how to make different work, in conversation with west coast editor Karen Stabiner.

Do you have a question for Gavin (or Karen)? Ask now and watch on March 25 at 3 p.m. ET to see their answers live on our Instagram account