The latest: September 1, 2017

hurricane harvey animal shelter harvey the horseKathleen Phillips, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Inside the Texas fairgrounds housing nearly 1,000 farm animal evacuees

In Brazoria County, Texas, where on Tuesday a levee breached, the Brazos River is rising. At the Brazoria County Animal shelter and supply point, horses, swine, sheep—even peacocks—are waiting to see what the river does next.

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Are you on the ground in Texas or Louisiana? We want to hear from restaurant owners, growers, and producers about relief efforts and losses, small and large-scale. Write us, we’re listening: [email protected] or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Mislabeled egg rolls could’ve killed someone. Why did it take a week to get them off the shelf?

It was a high-priority recall involving an undeclared allergen. But FOIA documents reveal USDA and FDA spent days squabbling over which agency should handle it.

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Why do so many farmers have diabetes?

A new study on diabetes rates among different occupational groups shows a concerning trend for farmers who use pesticides.

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Consider the lobster(men). The national opioid abuse crisis has sprawled out so aggressively in recent years, few professions remain unscathed. Librarians in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco have learned to treat ODs in the stacks. Ohio factory owners can’t rustle up enough employees who will pass drug tests to fill their open positions. The construction industry is contending with abuse rates at twice the national average. And now, we learn that opioid blowback has reached even the Gulf of Maine’s salty lobster industry and its notoriously proud—and private—lobstermen. Read more.
—Jesse Hirsch

The Supremes step in. Nebraska’s Supreme Court on Tuesday began hearing arguments in an appeal that may end a decades-long battle between members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and the owners of a handful of beer stores in the neighboring town of Whiteclay, Nebraska. Read more.
—Claire Brown

Just the one-liners

The Center for Food Safety is suing USDA for the release of a study on digital disclosures (read: QR codes), Food Dive reports. The controversial codes were a point of debate during the passage of the GMO labeling law signed last year.

Remember all those allegations of price-fixing in the chicken industry? Apparently, the investigations have quietly wound down, at least for Tyson: Arkansas Business reports the company has received a letter form the Securities and Exchange Commission stating that it “doesn’t intend to recommend an enforcement action.”

“Whole Foods-compliant” Organic Doritos have launched, Bloomberg reports. That’s all.

Hurricane Harvey breaks records while a million cows stand in the floodplains

A quarter of Texas’ cattle ranches fell inside the storm’s radius.

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