Meet the Ebony Anglers, a Black competitive women’s fishing team

Gia Peebles felt her fishing rod tense and began reeling it in as a king mackerel touched the water’s edge, below her pole. Peebles is a team member of the Ebony Anglers, a Black women’s fishing team in the mostly white and male-dominated league of competitive fishing. The women came together in July to compete in their first tournament with varying boating and fishing experience levels, claiming first place in their division. In October, a 29-pound mackerel that the team named “Fatty” was their largest catch at the Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Fishing Tournament. While the team didn’t place, they experienced a victory in their own right. “It just catches some off guard that here we are,” Peebles said. “We’re not only female, but we’re Black. We’re competing and we’re doing it well. We’re actually winning.” The New York Times has the story

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