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Nebraska and Colorado are beefing over a plant-based eating declaration

In February, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis declared March 20 “MeatOut Day,” to encourage residents to try plant-based eating for health and environmental reasons. No big deal, right? This is hardly the first time this has happened: New York City has implemented “Meatless Mondays” in prisons and schools, and plenty of states and cities also participate in the action. Not one to let a perfectly good news opportunity go unused, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts responded by declaring the same day “Meat on the Menu Day,” The Guardian reported. The move was cheered by ranchers, which is understandable—beef is big business in Nebraska. Does it really matter, though? After all, nothing is stopping anyone from eating whatever the hell they want this Saturday. What purpose does all this posturing serve? We think this Twitter user summed it up best: “New culture war dropped.”

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