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More than 20 livestock ships got stuck in the Suez canal, raising animal welfare concerns

At least 20 ships carrying livestock were among the hundreds of vessels unable to pass through the Suez Canal during its nearly weeklong logjam, The Guardian reported. Until the channel was cleared on Monday, the animals faced health risks including starvation, dehydration, and illness. What’s more, livestock ships face unique barriers to unloading, as ports can refuse to accept them due to health reasons. This was the case earlier this year, when two ships carrying more than 2,500 cattle were stranded at sea for three months, after getting turned away due to disease concerns. As a result, over 180 animals died at sea. In the case of the Suez Canal, it appears that ships are getting the greenlight to start passing again, and CNN reported that livestock vessels are getting top priority. Ahoy.

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