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A future without pie? That could be the table thanks to climate change.

A Thanksgiving feast without pie might sound like a nightmare, but such a confectionary horror could soon be our realityThe Washington Post reports. Mike Martin of Mike’s Pies in Tampa, Florida, has been navigating the various pandemic-related logistical challenges this year, but the owner of the popular commercial bakery is increasingly concerned with how climate change will affect the global food supply chain long-term. Devastating drought conditions have destroyed spring wheat crops around the nation, while fires have left bees to starve without any food source. The result is a tight supply and soaring prices for hard red spring wheat and honey, ingredients crucial to the Graham cracker crumbs that are the foundation of Mike’s Pies namesake product. And the list continues: Changing regional climate conditions have destabilized the production of imported Madagascar vanilla, while lackluster wheat harvests also affect animal feed prices, which trickles down into the cost of dairy products like sweetened condensed milk. If somehow there are slices to be savored as a part of future holiday spreads, expect the sweet treats to cost you more dough. —Matthew Sedacca

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