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A fish sommelier will help you with choosing the flounder or the Dungeness crab

Sommeliers have gone far beyond viniculture lately, lending their expertise on everything from water to honey or hot sauce. And now fish. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that in the dining room of the Greek restaurant Estiatorio Ornos, a piscine savant can be spotted wheeling around a rolling cart, shepherding a glimmering bed of ice on which whole fish and shellfish are displayed for all hungry diners to see. Whether they would like to see such a spectacle before chowing down, however, is a different question. The job description isn’t limited to guiding diners on what Petrale sole tastes like or whether they should have their filet grilled or fried in a phyllo dough crust. The sommelier also educates people on catching methods and where the fish is sourced, based on conversations with seafood purveyors. The restaurant is so confident that their walking seafood encyclopedia will be a hit, they’ve sacrificed 22 precious diner seats to ensure the cart has the space it needs to easily roam the floor.

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