Audience Editor

This is a full-time, remote position, open to anyone within the United States.

This person is a bold thinker who’s willing to do whatever it takes to connect with readers—finding new, innovative ways to promote our award-winning content, while engaging in dialogue on Twitter and beyond. This editor is a born storyteller with well-honed journalistic instincts, who understands how to balance thoughtful, well-crafted reporting with the needs of a fast-paced digital newsroom.

This editor has razor-sharp storytelling instincts and is comfortable crafting engaging narratives across a variety of formats, using the native strengths of each platform to help drive engagement. Job duties are not static; one day they may be helping promote a panel discussion on the future of meat, while the next they’re coming up with a savvy contest that engages readers in new ways. They will use analytics daily (and other insight tools) to help guide coverage, looking for key opportunities to grow our audience and expand our reach. 

This person has a mind for strategy, and will work closely with our editorial and multimedia producers to refine, grow, and manage our newsletter, while producing voicey, on-brand copy for events, social, donor campaigns, and series. 


●      Creating action plans for individual stories, packages, and series, to ensure widest possible range and biggest impact.

●      Working to create exposure and authority for Counter brand as a whole

●      Overseeing and providing strategy around attracting new newsletter subscribers, and transitioning them into reader-donors.

●      Tracking and analyzing metrics to make high-level editorial and business strategy recommendations.

●      Building analytics dashboards to determine ROI on digital ad spending, guiding further spend and editorial strategy.

●      Overseeing and implementing evolving strategy behind donation drives throughout the year and during special campaigns like News Match.

●      Make data-driven recommendations on headlining, SEO, and social media language for optimal reach and impact. 

●      Establish and manage communications with groups and subcultures with specific interest in Counter stories, including local and regional media.

●      Promote news stories, donation campaigns, features, and evergreen content across social media channels.

●      Write, edit, and quality control social media posts, maintaining Counter brand guidelines and voice at all times.

●      Tell platform-native stories or repackage Counter content to maximize engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and, Instagram using capabilities like Instagram Stories, Twitter threads, and Facebook Live.

●      Explore, test, and make recommendations for Counter to use additional channels like YouTube.

●      Create editorial- and donation-oriented multimedia assets for increased engagement on social and on the Counter website, including photography, video, animations, and original artwork  

●      Boost Counter’s digital presence at events and conferences, interacting with local attendees and high-level participants, and generating a digital footprint for use on social media and in donor campaigns. 

●  Establish and manage communications with groups and subcultures with specific interest in Counter stories, including local and regional media.

Key skills:

●      At least three years of full-time editorial experience at a digital publication.

●      Basic Photoshop, HTML, and Google Analytics experience. Experience with SocialFlow, Sprout, or Buffer a plus.

●      Experience with paid social, including Facebook for Business and Google AdWords

●      Experience using newsletter platforms, especially MailChimp.

●      Strong writing ability, with a knack for summarizing stories quickly, accurately, and in a compelling voice.

●      Strong editorial judgment.

●      A desire to innovate, problem-solve, and launch new initiatives.

●      Enthusiasm for reaching new audiences.

Please send a brief cover letter, salary requirement, and CV to [email protected] Include “Applying for Audience Editor Role” in the subject line. Apply by January 17, 2022, to ensure full consideration.  

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